Our Event Schedule

Welcome to the University of Alberta and to Canada. We also welcome you to the International Friendship Group! We hope this club will be your home away from home. We come from many countries and backgrounds. The sponsors of this club are Christians but ALL cultures and beliefs are welcome!

We have a number of exciting activities coming up this semester and we would love for you to join us.

We will send out more information via email as each of these dates approach to give you all the details. You can also check back for updates, visit our Facebook page at IFG Edmonton - International Friendship Group or email jamsiebert@gmail.com

Have a look at what we have coming up! Currently we are not doing group activities where we meet in person. We will do a number of things on Zoom. Keep checking your emails to stay updated.

1. June 3, 2020: Welcome to Discover Bible Discussion 

We welcome you to a gentle, no pressure Bible discussion on Zoom. You can download the app at zoom.us We will meet at 6:30 PM and chat for a bit to see how everyone is doing. The discussion will start at 7 PM. Anyone is welcome to join and you can feel free to invite your friends. Danae will lead us in a discussion from the Old Testament. You can stay on after the discussion to chat or ask questions after we finish at 8:30 PM. To join, please text Danae at 403-540-3215  or email dnelson@ivcf.ca

2. May 26 - June 3: Rise & Shine with Boon 

Join Boon everyday at 8:30 am for an encouraging/challenging reading from the Bible and prayer for the day! The devotional will be no more than 15 minutes. You can download the PK Devotional here . Contact Boon at boonlchew@gmail.com for more information and/or if you have any questions.

3. June 4, 2020: Farewell for Danae & James 

This is not an official IFG event. Please contact us if you would like to join us to say goodbye to James & Danae who are leaving Edmonton soon. Contact James as soon as possible for more details at jsiebert@ivcf.ca or 780-686-3332  

4. June 5, 2020: Baking class with Ann

Would you like to learn how to bake Banana Chocolate Chip Cake or Muffins? Join Ann on Zoom this Friday, June 5 from 7-9 PM. You will need 3-4 ripe bananas (no green on them), 2 cups of all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, margarine or butter, 2 eggs, vanilla, milk (any %) or buttermilk, vinegar, chocolate chips (and walnuts if you want).

You will also need two muffin tins (preferably) and liners OR a 9”x13” cake pan or something of similar size that can go in an oven.  You will need a big bowl and a spoon or a beater to mix with as well.

Please contact Ann at asiebert@ivcf.ca or 780-686-9991 if you have questions or would like to join