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Welcome to Canada!

Welcome to the University of Alberta and to Canada. We also welcome you to the International Friendship Group! We hope this club will be your home away from home. We come from many countries and backgrounds. The sponsors of this club are Christians but ALL cultures, religions, and beliefs are welcome!  Students from various backgrounds have found this club to be their "home" and community in Canada :)  Undergrads, exchange students, grads, PhDs, post-docs, visiting scholars and their families are welcome to participate.

Our group is dedicated to welcoming and serving International students in Edmonton. We are a registered student group at the University of Alberta. We are part of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada.  Come say hello to us during the school year, at our office in room number 8901, HUB Mall.

IFG hosts programs for International students - we want to help students have an enjoyable and meaningful experience at the University of Alberta and the Edmonton area. 

IFG Covid Best Practices

With restrictions lifting we understand that everyone is at a different place with their comfort level. We want you to be comfortable joining us to hangout. All of our activities are hosted in person this summer and we will try to be out doors when possible but you are welcome to wear a mask if you prefer.

We ask that if you are sick or feeling unwell that you do not attend our events. If you fall ill within 1-2 days after attending one of our gatherings please let us know so that we can care for others.