News & Activities

We plan exciting events and activities all semester long for international students to have a great experience while in Canada

Our Event Schedule

We have a number of exciting activities coming up this semester and we would love for you to join us!

We will send out more information via email as each of these dates approach to give you all the details. You can also check back for updates, visit our Facebook page at IFG Edmonton - International Friendship Group or email Melissa at

Some other possibilities for fun gatherings could be baking nights, an evening of sharing about the countries and communities we come from, a conversation between our group and other religious groups, and more!  Have a look at what we have coming up! 

Currently we are not doing group activities where we meet in person. We will do a number of things on Zoom. 

Activities in April!

1.  Panel Discussion Night! 7-9pm on Friday April 9th. We have seen healthy relationships around us and we have seen unhealthy relationships. From family, friends, colleagues, supervisors, neighbours, even people we don't really like, we have seen a variety of ways that these play out. The Bible has teachings on how to live well with other people and how to love people in your life. Come to hear from our panelists about how they approach relationships because of their beliefs and experience in Christianity. Contact Melissa at for the zoom link.

2.  Come and join us for Alpha on Wednesday evenings at 6:45-8:30 PM (Finishing on April 7th). Alpha is a place where we get to ask questions about where you find hope, what motivates you, is there more to life than our current circumstances?  There will be a short video explaining the Christian world view on a question, and then lots of time for you to share your thoughts and beliefs.  It is a great way to make friends, practice English and connect with your peers.  This is an open, no-pressure video/discussion about life, faith, and God on Zoom!  We often play games afterwards. Contact Melissa at for the link to join.

3. Semester End Celebration! April 16th 6pm-8:00pm. Join us on zoom for an evening of games, hangingout and celebrating the end of the semester.  There will be an opportunity for you to come and eat your supper with us over zoom!

4. Would you like to pray with someone?

Want to pray with someone?  We like to pray together on Thursdays from 2-3 PM on Zoom.  Welcome to join us.  Contact Melissa at for the link to join.

5. Rise 'n' Shine Daily Devotional

Welcome to Rise 'n Shine with Boon every morning at 8:30 AM for no more than 15 minutes. There will be an encouraging/challenging reading from the Bible and prayer for the day! Contact Boon at for more info.

6. Conversational English 

Want to practice your English?  We welcome you to hang out and chat with us. We have some options.

  • On Tuesdays from 8 - 9 PM MST, you can chat with Daniel. Feel free to contact him at for the Zoom link.

7. Bible Discussions for Believers

We have monthly discussions geared for students who are followers of Jesus.  We are studying in the book of Colossians.  Here are the dates: 

  • Jan 18th 1:30-3 PM
  • Feb 22nd 1:30-3 PM
  • March 15th 1:30-3 PM
  • April 19th 1:30-3 PM

These will be on Zoom currently.  Contact Melissa Chettle for more info:

Want to hang out and chat? 

We are happy to hang out and chat (at a distance). Contact Melissa at  If you are interested, let us know some possible times you are free. 


The following is NOT an IFG program, but we thought you may be interested:
Would you like to meet other people and practice speaking English?
Come to weekly (FREE!) Conversation Cafe! Hosted by Connecting Streams (part of Power to Change), at Conversation Cafe you can have the opportunity to: 

  • Practice your English reading and speaking skills with English-speaking volunteers
  • Build ongoing relationships in a friendly social Christian environment
  • Meet over Zoom (and hopefully one day, in person)

Sessions are 1 and 1/2 hour each, and everyone will be together for the first 10 minutes, before students are matched with a volunteer English helper and placed into groups of 3 or 4.

  • Questions? Contact Phil Taylor at  780 966 7401  

Bible Studies, Trips, Caf├ęs and More

Dinners in a Canadian Home (during non-COVID times)

Once a month during the school year, James & Ann Siebert open up their home on a Friday night to welcome International students for supper.  A great way to enjoy Canadian hospitality while making new friends and practicing English!  Students are welcomed to participate in an optional Bible discussion after the meal. Other students visit and play games.

Trips (during non-COVID times)

Several trips are planned throughout the year to provide great opportunities to see parts of western Canada!  We have done Farm Trips, trips to Pioneer Ranch Camp at Crimson Lake, International Christmas Camps, and trips to the Rocky Mountains.